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#NotSpot247: Name And Shame Campaign

#NotSpot247 Meet Barry. Barry is fed up. He is fed up because he is a proud employee of Jackpot 247, he knows that players love blackjack, roulette and slots and that they particularly like the ‘24/7ness’ of Jackpot247. You know, the bit that means they have a chance of winning a jackpot anywhere in the…

jackpot247 notspot advert

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Infographic: Lucky Stars

Thank Your Lucky Stars Enjoying a stint in the casino is as much about luck as it is about skill, but if you’re one of those who follows astrology and believes that the zodiac has a part to play in day-to-day life, you may know that they have certain amounts of luck associated with them…

lucky stars

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Infographic: Battle Of The Sexes

  Gambling: The Battle of the Sexes Whether you want to believe it or not, women definitely have different habits to men – and not just when it comes to shopping! This can clearly be seen within the gambling industry, with women adopting very different behaviours than the blokes. Despite the media portraying casino culture…

gambling infographic

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Infographic: Video Poker Tips

  How to Win at Video Poker Poker face? What poker face? With video poker, you don’t need such a thing, which for some, is definitely one of the many advantages of playing the game online rather than in person. Rather than playing against a real-life opponent, you play a computerised version – one that…

video poker tips

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Infographic: 10 Biggest Bets

Ten of the World’s Biggest Bets Some of us will be accustomed to placing some impressive bets at the roulette table; others will be willing to part with a fiver and nothing more. However daring you may think you’re being though, nothing quite compares with the ten humongous bets that the Jackpot247 infographic has covered…

worls biggest bets infographic

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Infographic: Faites vos Jeux

Faites vos Jeux Place your bets! For those who aren’t quite so versed in the language of lurve, that’s what Faites vos Jeux translates to and with a game of roulette, that’s exactly what you have to do. Originating in France back in the 18th century, this increasingly popular casino game is loved by newbies…

faites vos jeux

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Infographic: Mobile Gambling

Gambling’s Gone Mobile Technology has come on leaps and bounds over recent years, so that people on the move can keep in touch while out and about. Mobile apps, smartphones and tablets have all helped to revolutionise technology, helping us to do whatever we need to do on the net, whenever we need to do…

Jackpot247 mobile

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French Bets Explained

Although the game of roulette is hundreds of years old it’s still an exciting, vibrant game ideal for those after a quick thrill or pros after a more refined online casino game. High payouts combined with a simple game mechanic make it a winner – it’s easy to see why people play roulette! Jackpot247 offers…


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Jackpot 247: New iPhone/iPad App.

Technology is marching ever onwards and more and more online casino players are turning to their smart phones and tablets for their slice of the action. Let’s take a look at what Jackpot247 currently has on offer to fit your device. Part of the iPhone/iPad crowd? We’ve launched a specially designed app in the app…


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