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World Cup #NotSpot247 Competition

How many times have you found yourself holding your mobile phone, arm stretched above your head, in the corner of your kitchen to try and grab a bit of signal so that you can log in to the internet on your mobile? Whether you need to check your emails, snoop on Facebook or grab a…


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Wags in Brazil

As players and fans get themselves ready for Brazil 2014, the excitement and anticipation of what awaits in this vibrant city builds. For wives and girlfriends being dragged along for the ride, however, don’t feel like you’re going to be wasting some perfectly good days to support your man and his passion for the beautiful…


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Best Football Casino Games

The end of the football season may have arrived, and Man City may have walked away at the top of the league, but with the Brazil 2014 World Cup beginning in a matter of weeks, it’s not over yet. If you’re a big fan of the beautiful game, and you need a fix before the…

Football Fans Slot Games

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