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Ten of the World’s Biggest Bets

Some of us will be accustomed to placing some impressive bets at the roulette table; others will be willing to part with a fiver and nothing more. However daring you may think you’re being though, nothing quite compares with the ten humongous bets that the Jackpot247 infographic has covered – they’re quite simply out of this world!

Would you have the nerve to ‘toss him for it’ if the person beside you was worth $100m? OK, so you’d have to be worth that much in the first place, just in case the coin didn’t fall your way, but that’s what
Ozzie tycoon Kerry Packer suggested to the guy sat next to him at the casino. That’s certainly one of the biggest bets the world has seen when it comes to money, but what about when it comes to life?
The first man to swim the English Channel, Captain Matthew Webb, was offered $10,000 to swim across the whirlpool of the Niagara Falls shortly after this colossal achievement. He took the gamble… and failed.

When it comes to massive losses, Terrance Watanabe must definitely be entitled to the crown, having lost $127m – his entire personal worth – following a particularly impressive (and incredibly unlucky)
losing streak in 2007. However, that’s only $2m more than what drug trafficker, Zhenli Ye Gon, lost in Vegas casinos over the course of several years. He still had $200m worth of assets and cash locked
up in his house – it’s just a shame he won’t see it from his prison cell.
We all know that sport is an incredibly popular industry when it comes to placing bets.

From football to the Grand National, if you understand the odds, you can win big. Take Mike Futter, for example, who placed several single bets on his own horse during the 2003 Grand National, bagging over a whopping £1m overall. Or how about the Spurs fan who wanted to impress his new lady friend with a courageous (or foolish) bet on his favourite team? He lost his mortgage because of that one…

From Vegas to Ladbrokes, you never know where you’re going to hear about the next big win or earth-shattering loss. Check out the Jackpot247 infographic for more stories about some of the world’s biggest bets, happy endings and otherwise

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