Jackpot247 is proud to have a range of talented presenters bringing you a unique live roulette experience every single day. Our customers love them and so do we but you have most likely wondered what goes on behind the scenes on ITV. Each of the presenters will take you on a little tour and show you what happens as soon as they set foot – or in Craig Stevens’ case ‘fly’ – into the studio.


The presenter

You will have seen him reviewing movies on Sky and as a result he interviews famous actors on an almost daily basis. We can’t help wondering what powers Craig’s batteries when he arrives at the studio full of energy even after a long day of filming.

“I’m a workaholic. I love working. If I wasn’t here I’d probably be at home writing or watching my movies or working anyway. I’ve been on Jackpot247 for about 6 years and it’s great fun. The game is still the same. I don’t believe anything has really changed. Everyone knows each other and we’ve become friends. It doesn’t feel like work, because everybody is cool and has a laugh. We all enjoy what we do and we make fun entertaining television.”

Movies are a huge part of Craig’s life and career. Nothing has ever really gone wrong on camera for Jackpot247 but he does recall slip-ups elsewhere, although he wasn’t to blame.

“I nearly dropped Rachel Weisz down some stairs once. She had a really long dress on and really high heels and I was helping her walk down the stage after an interview. It was wet and she nearly slipped but I caught her.”

The preparation

We can’t but admire Craig Stevens for being incredibly casual when getting ready to step in front of the camera. No fuss about his outfit, just a bit of wax in his hair and done!

“I turn up, panic, get changed, go on television. I don’t really have a routine. When I get here I usually relax or catch up on movies that I need to review and I’m usually dressed in whatever clothes I wore on another show in the afternoon. Sometimes I’ll get a text from the stylist at 4 in the morning asking if I wore the same suit on another broadcast. There’s very little routine clearly.”

Living on the edge is how Craig rolls! But what if he were to spill something on his shirt while getting ready?

“I’ve got no spare outfit in my locker. If anything goes horribly wrong I’ll steal someone else’s outfit from their locker. Which is annoying when it’s Emma Lee, but I’ve got the legs so why fight it?”


The show

As soon as the producer says action, Craig Stevens has the tendency to set the studio on fire with his jokes. If there’s anything he’s good at, it’s doing shout outs for the roulette players.

“I like to remember the people, make it personable. If people pop up on the winners list and they joined on a different night when I was on, I somehow remember. What I also do quite a lot is referencing player names. It’s quite good to discover the reason why people chose the name they chose and sometimes you can also make a joke out of them as well. When it’s a location I sometimes pretend I’ve been there saying ‘it’s beautiful down there by the church’ but then someone emails in saying there’s no church.”

Nice one, Craig.

“You’ll notice there are a lot of football references in there. I think they do it on purpose because I know bugger all about football. Every time there is FC at the end of a name, I will have no idea but I’ll still make a joke about it and hopefully make people feel welcome.”

You can tell Craig has been doing this for quite some time. He knows the Jackpot247 community and what makes our players tick.

“Because we’re on ITV we have people that either love playing roulette – the experienced gamers – or those that were watching a show or movie before, discover us and think ‘you know what, we’ll have a bit of fun and play a few games’. Hopefully they’ll feel entertained because we do try to make it fun and different. But the players who want to take it serious still can because all the elements of roulette are still there. You can really watch it on two levels.”

“The people that are very into live roulette are not necessarily listening to what we’re saying because they know the game so well. They are our loyal customers and they’re watching because they know what to expect. Then for the people that tune in on ITV for the first time, there’s that element of fun so it really is about finding a happy medium I think.”

“There’s a really good way to get people to keep watching. Tell them there’s a hot girl coming up in half an hour and they will stay. Or a leggy blonde, as we like to call Steve.”

The highlights

When the camera switches to the roulette wheel on ITV and Craig is off-air for a moment, he will immediately start busting a move in the studio. He’s a huge fan of Michael Jackson and it shows.

“I get caught on camera quite often but they stitch me up! I blame it on the cameraman and production team, it’s nothing to do with me. Everything I do in that studio is 100% professional and it’s their inability to press the button at the right time that means I get caught on camera looking like a complete idiot.”

Poor Craig. The man can throw some shapes though, so we suspect that when the camera switches on a little early, it might just be on purpose. But he’s a good sport and laughs it off. He wouldn’t mind turning his time on Jackpot247 into a comedy chat show.

“I do some open mic stand-up now and again. So when I’ve written down the production team’s jokes here, I will either go use them on telly or in a comedy club. Not very often though because people don’t find it funny and that’s a very big problem when you’re trying to do comedy.”

Cheer up, Craig. We find you absolutely hysterical! Especially when you tell the entire nation live on TV that ‘Aston the Villa’ is your favourite football team. We’ll get you their shirt for your birthday.

Want to share some of your own jokes with Craig Stevens next time you see him on ITV? We can’t wait to hear from you on Jackpot247!

Email: craig@jackpot247.com – Twitter: @craigstevens and @Jackpot_247

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