Thank goodness Christmas is over!


Yes, there is always someone in the family who heaves a sigh of relief when Boxing Day finally arrivees and there are no longer any presents cluttering up the living room floor. You know the person we’re talking about. He or she spends Christmas day glued to the same chair, doesn’t participate in any of the games, refuses to wear a cosy onesie like the rest of the family and only cheers up a little when it’s time for food.

We shouldn’t be so hard on Uncle Harold, really. Christmas comes with quite the bustle and hassle and in all fairness, we all hate at least something that another person really loves. So this year, let’s try to understand how Uncle Harold feels with a list of the most annoying Christmas songs and games and celebrate Grinches everywhere!

1.       Family tree

Usually when someone explains the game to you, they say you need to select a family member as the tree who doesn’t mind a bit of silliness and submitting himself to mounds of paper. Of course that’s not nearly as much fun as picking the person who absolutely hates fancy dress and then forcing her to stand absolutely still while using coloured crepe paper, aluminium foil and plastic baubles to turn her into a Christmas tree. You’ll even take pictures so Aunt Jemima can relive her torture every time someone gets out the family photo albums.

2.       Pictionary or charades

At first glance, these are innocent games but play them with your family on Christmas day and you could be opening a can of worms instead of cranberry sauce. Let’s lay out the situation, shall we? The entire family is required to participate and draw or act out objects, movie titles, celebrities or anything that takes your fancy. You are divided into two teams or play in duos and that’s when the problem takes root. Cousin Ralph who is very competitive has been teamed up with his brother Steve who can’t draw to save his life. Soon Ralph is winding himself up because of Steve’s non-existent drawing skills and everyone gets annoyed because Ralph is taking the game too seriously. Oh the joys of family!

3.       Risk

Surely with a name like that we should know better and steer clear of this game on Christmas day. We remember playing this with the family year after year with the same result. Regardless of whether a few family members teamed up to achieve world domination, our mum would always end up sulking that everybody was against her and how unfair it all was. So we feel we should repeat the rules just to be safe. Dearest family members, in Risk you have to challenge other players to fights and conquer their nations to win. That’s just how the game works. Nobody is out to get you or trying to ruin the fun.

4.       Christmas sing-a-longs

We have now arrived at the one practice that annoys many. It starts long before Christmas, when radio stations and stores start playing classic festive tunes. The kind that get stuck in your head, simply so they can keep the cheer going long after you get home. There are carollers on every street ncorner and then on Christmas Day, the entire family chimes in by belting “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” at the top of their lungs. It’s enough to test anyone’s patience and Grandma’s eardrums – sorry, Nan.

A list of the most annoying Christmas songs according to many different people. We’re not naming names.

  • Santa Baby – it really is a bit too naughty.
  • Grandma got run over by a reindeer – people should really stop pestering Nan, it’s been enough.
  • Let it go – essentially not a Christmas song but we’ve now heard it in adverts and YouTube covers so many times, it has simply lost all its charm.
  • Dominick the Donkey – there are no words for this one.
  • Jingle Bells – bells, simply too many bells.

A big shout out to Uncle Harold from Jackpot247! Next year come Christmas, you can dress us up as a tree. Promise.

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