When Ashley Revell placed all of his worldly possessions on one bet – red or black – on a roulette wheel in a Vegas casino, the wait as the ball came to a standstill on the wheel must’ve been agonising!

Ashley sold everything that he owned – even his clothes! – at car boot sales and auctions, to raise his £76,840 gambling fund. He then travelled, with his friends and family in tow, to the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, to bet every penny on a single spin of the roulette wheel.

After choosing red at the last minute, Mr Revell doubled his money to make a £153,680 cash win, before celebrating in style with his loved ones and champagne. He described the win as ‘the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life’ and added that he ‘just wanted to get the bet over with and know either way.’

While red or black is known as one of the least risky bets in roulette, with a near 50/50 chance of a win, placing everything on one bet is not a strategy to be advised. Although luck was on Mr Revell’s side, it could have easily gone the other way, with a land on black leaving him with nothing to his name but his air ticket home.

A far more enjoyable way of playing roulette is to keep to your limits and spread the risk sensibly. Losses should never spell financial disaster, and should instead be seen as part of the excitement of the game.

There’s also no need to travel all the way to Vegas to play casino authentic roulette. While Ashley Revell was filmed making the trip for a Sky One documentary following his journey, you can play exactly the same game from the comfort of your own home.

Jackpot247 has many great online roulette games to choose from, including live Roulette as seen on ITV, which you can play on TV or online. Roulette Express, Roulette Express Premium and Live Roulette are also exciting live roulette games that you can play at Jackpot247.com.

Your online casino roulette game of choice will depend on whether you prefer the chat and interaction of presenter-led live Roulette, or prefer to just get on with the game with Roulette Express and Roulette Express Premium. All Jackpot247 roulette games use a casino-grade wheel, so you can rest assured that all outcomes are random and fair.

As well as the convenience, another benefit of playing roulette online at Jackpot247 is that there are fantastic online casino bonuses to take advantage of. As well as a whopping £200 casino welcome bonus for new players, you’ll also find various different bonuses on other games cropping for you to enjoy. When you watch Roulette as seen on ITV you could also find extra bonuses on offer to get your online roulette experience off to a fantastic start.

While it can’t be denied that Ashley Revell got lucky with his all or nothing bet, the smart way to play roulette is to stick within your limits; spread the risk and sign up for great roulette bonuses to give you even more to play with! It might not give you as big a fortune as Ashley Revell, but it’ll mean that you enjoy your roulette experience overall, win or lose.

Created on 07/02/13

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