What is your favourite video game? Go on, take some time to really think about it. Do you find it easy to pick a winner or are you currently caught up in a colossal flashback going to the first time you ever played a game? We understand it’s difficult. These days there aren’t just many games, but also different platforms that cater to our gaming needs. From PC to Game Boy, Xbox to PlayStation; fans of video games need never be bored again.


And if that isn’t enough reason to celebrate – we obviously think it is – new games are being released every day. For now, let’s take a look at some of the best video games EVER! Don’t worry if your favourite isn’t amongst them as gamers don’t always see eye to eye – which is probably why there are so many first-person shooter games on the market.


Surprised to see this golden oldie crop up? We have to admit it had a bit of a head start in sales because it’s been around since 1984. These days, it has made a seamless transfer to smartphones as a mobile game, accounting for its continued popularity. And let’s face it, we’ve all had a go arranging the colourful blocks to form neat lines and got excited when we reached the next level. If not the original version which was invented by the Soviets, then you’ve most likely played one of the many adaptations that are around. Did you know the blocks are called tetrominoes? It had us stumped when we found out too.

Call of Duty

The first- and third-person shooter game loved by many. The first series was released in 2003 and originally all fights took place on the battlefields of World War II. After following the British and American infantry around for quite a few years, the game took a turn and launched Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. No more digging around in the French mud! As a result, the Modern Warfare 2 instalment has proven the most popular one so far with close to 30 million copies sold across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. We’re keeping our eyes open for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare which is set to be released on November 4th.

Super Mario Bros.

Another absolute classic which has stood the test of time with plenty of new series. You might not remember but the original game dates back to 1985 and is therefore a proper granddad, just like Tetris. We’ve seen – and played – plenty of spin-offs since then, one of the most popular no doubt being Mario Kart which simply soared to the top of the charts once the game came out on Wii. With over 35 million copies sold, it comes close to the 40 million of the original Super Mario Bros. After all, nothing trumps a nice old-school quest to rescue Princess Peach by two Italian plumbers. Even if we always imagined Mario and Luigi to be pizza chefs when we were little.

Grand Theft Auto

One of the few games where each new release proved to be better than the next, judging by sales. GTA V ramped up a whopping 34 million games sold while GTA IV hit the 25 million mark. Rather than being a soldier on a combat mission, it offers a true action-packed adventure through the streets of a fictional city. And by action-packed, we mean a massive amount of violence and crime since that’s how the main character chooses to advance itself in the world.  Throughout the series, the game became more controversial as it introduced nudity, sex, racism, drunk driving, drugs and torture.  Let’s hope its increasing popularity is the result of more freedom to create your own storyline and stunning graphics, rather than gamers’ thirst for violence.

Featured image courtesy of Jeroen van Oostrom at FreeDigitalPhotos,net

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