Winning the jackpot. Yes, it happens. In fact, for one lucky casino slots player it happened just last weekend! PlaySlots from London was having fun on our Iron Man slot game when all of a sudden he won the Ultimate Power jackpot which stood at over £530,000 at the time! He sent us a testimony talking about his experience of winning this big jackpot but it goes without saying he was very excited.

Dear Jackpot247,

I must say I was shocked to receive an email from Marco saying congratulations on my win!

I thought the win was just some sort of bonus game but the counter just kept on going up and up, when the amount reached £16,000. I walked off to make a coffee, after about ten minutes I was back at my laptop and the counter was still running, only it was now at £240,000. I was so confused by this time and didn’t really think it could be true. In fact, I was still in shock the next day when Marco emailed me to confirm the Champagne was on its way and the win ended up at £532,000. “OMG” Now I’m stunned as well as shocked, but my mind is racing at the thought of winning over twenty years wages in one night.

I have some words of wisdom for my fellow gamers.

When I play the Real Wheel or the Slots, I have a golden rule,

“Never play more than you can afford to lose”

Thank you Jackpot247 and best of luck to all you gamers out there.


You’re probably thinking, “Great for him, but I’d like to win a jackpot too.” The good news is, you can! Jackpots drop completely at random and right now, the Holy Grail jackpot on our Monty Python’s Spamalot slot has grown to over £1,750,000! Slots are games of chance so you could very well be the one to take this massive jackpot home. Such a whopping amount could get you some incredible Christmas presents or nice holiday over the festive season. Nothing like celebrating your win on a beach in the Caribbean, right?

Winning doesn’t have to end there because we have some of the biggest jackpots in our online casino game collection. Another mind-boggling amount currently up for grabs is our jackpot on Beach Life which is at £1,664,751 and counting! A good thing to know is that most of our Marvel games come with no less than 4 different jackpots ranging from Power to Extra Power, Super Power and Ultimate Power. Or as we like to call it “Nice”, “Great”, “Wow” and “OMG!” All your favourite comic book heroes take the spotlight, such as Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, Fantastic Four and The Avengers. Check out all our Jackpot Slots here.

Having a look around Jackpot247 reveals that these progressive jackpots can increase quickly. The reason? Every bet placed on the game contributes to the jackpot and since these slot games are played across different casinos, there could really be a huge number of people placing bets at the same time. So when you see one of the jackpot counters spinning like mad, you know it’s a hot game which could increase your chances of landing that big prize.

Once again congratulations to PlaySlots! Who knows, maybe we’ll be sending you some champagne to congratulate you on your own jackpot win very soon.

*Jackpot amounts correct as of 4pm on 20 November 2014.

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