Firstly, some players work on the basis of mathematical probability when they play blackjack and when you take a look at their system, it does seem like a promising one. Essentially, all you have to do is stake your money on an opening hand and if you win then you collect and move on to the next one.

However, if that hand loses then you simply keep doubling your stake until a win comes in and you achieve an overall profit. It is a good suggestion in theory but online casinos have an upper bet limit so the time will eventually come when you can’t double your stake any further and you lose a significant amount of money.

A more traditional method used by professional players is card counting and while this is an art that is hard to master when you first start to play blackjack, it’s one that should be worth persisting with.

In each deck of cards there are only 52 possible options that each player can be dealt so if, for example, you have a hand of 17 or 18, you can glance around the table to see how many low cards have already been turned up.

If several 2s, 3s or 4s have already been dealt then the probability of turning another low scoring card is significantly reduced so you may want to stay safe and choose to stand your hand. It is not a foolproof system as anyone can see but it can be useful when deciding whether or not you want to hit.

As a final option you may want to consider the blackjack strategy chart which is widely available across the internet. Of course, you can’t use aids such as this at a physical casino but when you play blackjack online you can use whatever help you can source.

The chart is a complicated one but basically it will compare your two initial cards to the dealer’s up card. It then looks at probabilities and the likelihood of what cards will come next to set up the final hand.

Once again, this method will not guarantee a win but it has helped a large number of online players over the years.

So nothing may be fool proof but anyone looking to play blackjack online is free to use any of these methods and see whether they give them the edge.

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