What’s the difference between the famous Texas Hold Em casino game and online poker game Casino Hold Em at Jackpot247? Absolutely nothing! Casino Hold Em offers the same exciting, quality gameplay as Texas Hold Em but played against a dealer, instead of other players, and you can play it at online casino Jackpot247 from the comfort of your own home.

The perfect game for poker fans, the aim of the game is to make a better hand than the dealer from a combination of your two ‘hole’ cards, and the five ‘community cards in the middle of the virtual table.

To start, only three of the community cards are revealed & your hand. This gives you the opportunity to assess your game and the possible poker hands that could be achieved. If you’re not feeling confident about your prospects of achieving a high ranking hand you can fold and lose only your initial bet. If you want to play on and ‘call’ the hand your bet is doubled and the cards are revealed. This will then reveal who has the best hand of cards – you, or the dealer – and whether the outcome of the game is win or lose.

One additional feature of both Texas Hold Em and Casino Hold Em is the opportunity to place an AA bet, in addition to the Ante bet. The AA bet is based on the poker value of the first two hole cards dealt and the three community cards that are first revealed. The AA bet holds higher odds and returns than the Ante bet, but of course, the risks are increased. It all depends on what type of player you are, your attitude to risk, your betting budget and your confidence in the cards as to what bet you prefer to place – making Texas Hold Em/Casino Hold Em a flexible game that suits the individual player.

One of the best things about playing Casino Hold Em online is that it gives you the best of both worlds. It allows for that authentic casino feel of the popular poker game – complete with realistically replicated virtual table, chips and cards – while also offering the convenience of playing from home.

Many players also find online casino games easier to play, as you can play in your own time without pressure, and you can also use the help facilities should you get stuck. As well as in-game help features, Jackpot247 also has a 24/7 live help facility, a support email address and a freephone helpline – there is always help at hand should you need it.

While Texas Hold Em may be the game that’s known in casinos worldwide, Casino Hold Em more than holds its own against this infamous, high quality and glamorous game. For those times however when you simply fancy a change, Jackpot247 also offers a choice of other poker themed games including 10’s or Better, Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces and 2 Ways Royal.

Don’t forget that Jackpot247 is also the home of live roulette, with the opportunity to play either online, on the go, or tune in to ITV1, Sky channel 862 and Freeview channel 39.

With such an amazing array of games to choose from, Jackpot247.com is a great choice of online casino, whether you love the thrill and skill of card games like Casino Hold Em poker, or slots, roulette or instant win games are more your thing.

Created on 11/01/13

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