January has arrived and now the New Year’s celebrations are over and the Christmas tree banished to its favourite spot in the loft, we’ve all woken up to 2015 with a bit of hangover. No, we’re not referring to the champagne you drank during the countdown this year but rather the look on your face when you realized how much you’ve spent before and during the festive season.

The costs run up quickly: presents for friends and family, a big turkey, a new dress to outshine your colleagues at the work Christmas do and a large emergency supply of cranberry sauce. But now that’s all done and dusted, time for a break from the holiday mayhem! Perhaps a trip to the sun where there isn’t a Christmas pudding in sight? You could also relax while playing a few casino or lottery games. It is a new year after all and with it come new jackpots! We’ve compiled a list of the biggest January jackpots up for grabs if you fancy taking a chance to win it big.

Good old EuroMillions rarely disappoints when it comes to offering up a grand prize. Their next jackpot is estimated at £24 million, enough for two villa’s on the beach and a yacht to travel between them. And the best thing, if nobody wins the jackpot simply rolls over to next week to really make your eyeballs pop. Don’t forget, it’s not just about the main prize because every draw does come with a UK Millionaire Maker where one Briton gets to celebrate winning £1 million.

ID-100220494_1shotsWe also have large prizes to hand out at Jackpot247 thanks to our progressive jackpot games. Our jackpots currently amount to a total of more than £2,808,000 – imagine how many Jaffa Cakes you could buy if you won! The largest jackpot on a single game is currently Beach Life with £2,118,123. Whether it’s your first bet or you have already spun the wheels of this slot game quite a few times, jackpots are triggered at random so nobody knows when they might drop. Perhaps it will happen soon or maybe we’ll have to wait a few more days, it’s all part of the excitement!

Be sure to have a look at the Marvel Jackpots which are attached to the Marvel superhero slot games. There are no less than four jackpots for you to win on a game, each of a different size. The largest jackpot is called Ultimate Power and currently stands at £209,000. Not big enough, you say? As it is a progressive game, this could ramp up quickly. The Marvel slot games are played by different players across different casinos and for every bet someone places, a little is added to the jackpot. So the more people play, the faster the jackpot you can win increases!

For those who prefer playing the lottery, a classic Lotto ticket could also bank you a nice return. The next jackpot lined up is over £4 million, lower than EuroMillions but with higher odds of winning (1 in 14m instead of 1 in over 116m). You also have a chance to win £20,000 as there are 50 Lotto raffle winners per draw.

So as always it’s now up to you to decide which of our biggest January jackpots is your favourite! There are plenty more to come this year so keep your eyes and ears open if you’d like to take a chance at winning some cash.

*All Jackpot amounts correct as of 11am 8 January 2014 – Featured image courtesy of 1shots at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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