Both experienced players and those just starting out are often on the lookout for some roulette tips that can help them when putting their bets on the table. In a good and legitimate casino the wheel will always be random, meaning there is no bias towards any particular number. However, there are still strategies you can use to give your chances of winning a bit of a lift.

Here are our top 10 roulette tips, designed to give you the best online gaming experience. Ranging from bet types to specific variations, we’ve tried to cover all bases so you can get playing whenever you like.

1. European or American Roulette

There are two types of roulette with the European variant being the most commonly used in online casinos. The difference is American Roulette has an extra 00 or Double Zero added on the wheel and the table, making for a total of 38 numbers on the wheel rather than 37.  You’ll have to pick the version that suits you best but know this will affect the odds.

Casino roulette table

2. Know your odds

Speaking of odds, naturally these depend on the kind of bets you place. A bet on a single number, also known as a straight up, has odds of 35 to 1 on French Roulette and 36 to 1 on American. Return on French Roulette with a £1 bet is £36: you win £35 and get your £1 stake back. Betting on two numbers with a Split bet logically halves your payout to 17-1.

The more numbers you cover in a single bet, the lower the payout will be. A Column or Dozen bet covers 12 numbers in one sweep, a third of the wheel, meaning staking £1 at odds of 2 to 1 wins you £2 and your stake, so £3 in total, if the ball drops in your favour.

3. Start with outside bets

Outside bets are a great way to start as they cover half the table resulting in high odds. You’ll have an almost 50/50 chance of winning which will give you an even money pay-out, effectively doubling your initial stake. For example, placing £5 on red puts £10 back in your account once you win.

Many people prefer the low risk of outside bets but then add a straight up on their favourite number to increase the excitement. For new players, outside bets like Red or Black, Odd or Even or the first or second half of the table are a nice way to get their feet wet before moving on to more complicated betting patterns on the table.

4. Try a French Bet

They are not as scary as they sound. French bets essentially cover a specific section of the wheel by using multiple chips across the table. Voisins du Zero includes zero and 16 numbers surrounding it. Tiers is used to cover 12 numbers opposite the Voisins and requires six chips to place the bet. Finally, the Orphelins are two smaller slices of the wheel sitting in between the Voisins and the Tiers with a total of 8 numbers and five chips.

At Jackpot 247, placing a French Bet becomes a lot easier on our Live Roulette game and any of our auto wheels. Click the ‘Neighbours’ button located at the bottom left-hand side and simply select the section of the wheel you wish to bet on.

5. Study the strategies

There are plenty of basic strategies you can use when starting out as a roulette player. The Martingale system is probably the easiest to follow. Place an outside bet and if you lose, double your next bet. Continue until you win, thereby making a small profit, and return to your original stake. Read more about the Martingale Roulette Strategy.


6. Create your own bets

We touched upon this briefly before, when talking about adding a straight up to an outside bet to make things more interesting. You could combine any bet you like to create a table suited to your roulette tastes. Perhaps you have a series of numbers you believe are lucky so you’d like to place 5 straight up bets in a single spin. If you prefer covering more numbers with less chips, you could use split or street bets. The possibilities are almost endless!

7. Store your bet inside the game

Once you’ve designed your favourite bet, make things easy on yourself and store it inside your account. Roulette Express Premium allows you to save quite a few bets to use for next time. Place your chips on the table and click ‘Confirm’ to place your bet. Then select the ‘Favourites’ tab to save your pattern. You also have the option to simply Repeat your previous bet with one click putting the desired chips back on the table.

8. Check hot and cold numbers

As each roulette wheel should be completely random, it is possible that the ball will land on certain numbers more often than on others. We call these ‘hot numbers’ and results we have seen come up less than the others are ‘cold numbers’. You can check these by clicking on the blue tab ‘Stats’ in our roulette games and use the information to adjust your bets if you for example have a feeling that one of the cold numbers will come up next.

9. Don’t let other players influence your bets

A unique aspect of our very own Live Roulette and autowheel games is that you can see the bets other people are placing. More and more chips will appear on the table as people confirm their bets and maybe you’ll see many other players choosing the same numbers you are about to pick. Or perhaps you’ll realise you are the only person placing a bet on Red for that particular spin.

Don’t let your roulette mojo be affected by this and play the game on your own terms. The wheels give entirely random results so placing a bet no one else has selected will not make you more or less likely to win.

10. Enjoy

Always remember to enjoy yourself while playing! The games we offer at Jackpot247 are there to give our customers a good time and an outstanding roulette experience. No matter what strategies you choose to employ, table patterns you favour or stakes you play with, online gaming is all about the fun.


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