While playing online casino games is all well and good, many card game or slot machine fans dream of heading to the eternal home of the casino – Las Vegas! If you’re lucky enough to be planning a trip of a lifetime to Sin City, you’ll find over 100 casinos and hotels in Vegas, so knowing where to spend your time during a short trip can be tricky. Take a look at these top five hot spots and be sure to tick as many as you can off your Vegas ‘to do’ list:

1 – MGM Grand

This vast beast of a casino resort is one of the largest in the world, boasting 2300 gaming machines, 178 table games, 5,044 hotels rooms, five outdoor pools, rivers and waterfalls. While it lacks the ‘gimmick’ of some Vegas casinos, its Hollywood theme adds even more glamour to proceedings.

2 – Bellagio

Pure luxury is the name of the game at the Bellagio – but it also offers the usual roulette, poker and slot machines as well. Inspired by all things Italian (and named after the Lake Como Bellagio resort) you’ll find sleek marble, Italian themed formal gardens and, of course, the world famous Bellagio fountain display – pure magic and must be seen to be believed!

3 – The Venetian

Another Italian inspired wonder, The Venetian is almost as vast as the city itself! With more than 4,000 hotel suites, it’s the perfect place to stay if you want to combine classy Italian style with the full Vegas casino experience. With over 3,000 games on offer, a Venetian waterway (with gondola and sky!), a replica of St Mark’s Square, its very own Madam Tussaud’s, a ballroom and a theatre, you could hole up in The Venetian for weeks without feeling even a twinge of boredom.

4 – The Mirage

While Vegas as a whole has an ‘other-worldly’ quality, stepping into The Mirage is literally like, well, stepping into a mirage! Enjoy a tropical atmosphere, complete with palms and waterfall, and soak up the sun in the glass atrium. It’s a wonder to behold and one of the more affordable of the big Vegas casino resort hotels.

5 – Ceasars Palace

Perhaps the Vegas casino with the richest history is Caesars Palace. Since its opening in 1966 Caesars has hosted the Rat Pack, Evel Knieval (who famously fell in a 1967 motorcycle leap at this casino resort) and many an amazing boxing fight. More recently, Celine Dion, Elton John and Rod Stewart are among the big names gracing the Caesars Stage. If you want plenty of ‘show’ in your showstopping Vegas casino, Caesars is the place to head.

If, like many, your dream trip to Vegas is set to remain just that – a dream – you can continue to enjoy casino game fun at online casino Jackpot247. So it may not offer the jay-dropping surroundings of the Vegas casino resorts, but it does offer a fantastic variety of fun, fair and exciting online casino games, including live roulette, card games and online slots, for you to enjoy. Las Vegas style budget not required!

Created on 21/02/2013

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