Although the game of roulette is hundreds of years old it’s still an exciting, vibrant game ideal for those after a quick thrill or pros after a more refined online casino game. High payouts combined with a simple game mechanic make it a winner – it’s easy to see why people play roulette!

Jackpot247 offers you the chance to play Live Roulette each and every day with our professional grade wheels and presenters, but have you ever noticed the tab on the game window called ‘Patterns’. If you’ve not you’re missing out!

The tab opens up a world of more complicated bets which can enhance your gaming experience and provide a different way to play.

There are many pattern bets, but the most famous are French Bets.

These bets (originating from France – fancy that!) involve placing chips on pre-determined sections of the roulette table. Historically these ‘call bets’ would be shouted out to the spinner, but modern online casinos allow you to press buttons.

So what are these French Bets and most importantly how do they pay out!

Voisins du Zero

The ‘neighbours of zero’ or Voisins du Zero mean the section of the roulette table closest to zero. This 9 chip bet covers a total of 17 spots surrounding the zero and has a chance of winning of 45.9%. Due to its high payout it’s the most popular French Bet, but there are more to choose from.

Tier du Cylindre

Those of you who excelled in GCSE French will translate this as ‘third of the wheel’. This cheeky bet covers a total of 12 spots on the table and requires a minimum of 6 chips. The chance of winning on this bet is less than the Voisin bet at 32.4% and will return a healthy three times your stake if one of the numbers comes up.


Orphelins means ‘orphans’ and unsurprisingly the bet covers sections of the table either side of the roulette wheel between the two previous French Bets (Voisin & Tier). Covering 8 numbers and requiring a minimum of 5 chips its chances of winning are 24.7% and will return at least twice your stake if you win.

French Bets can be played on any Live Roulette game available at Jackpot247 so why not try something new! Don’t forget there is always the ‘play for fun’ option if you want to test out some betting scenarios.

Good Luck!

Created on 12/10/12

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