Have you ever looked through the amazing selection of jackpot slots at Jackpot247.com and found it impossible to choose between them? Do you wish that there was a way that you could play your favourite Marvel slot games alongside The Mummy or Wings of Gold the at the same time? Well now there is!

If you’ve often wished to push your gaming experience to the max, your luck has well and truly come in! The boffins at Jackpot247 have developed a clever split screen multi-game feature, meaning that you can easily play up to four slot games at once. Sound good to you? Read on!

Super simple to use, all you need to do is click on the ‘double up’ icon in the top right hand corner of the game screen. You can then be playing up to four great Jackpot247 games in just seconds.

The multi-game feature is so convenient as there’s no need to log out off individual games if you fancy having a spin on something else. You can leave up to four games running at once and just join in on each one as and when the mood takes you.

For example, play Live Roulette as seen on ITV online, while taking time out on one of Jackpot247’s many exciting slot machine games. Or, if you can’t decide between the long list of fun slots, flick between up to four different ones for a super varied, super exciting way to play.

With over 50 fantastic slot machine games, it is always going to be difficult to choose. Being able to play four at once will make a tough decision a little easier.

Four times the games also means four time the excitement. Four different games means four different opportunities to win! However, do be careful that you’re not blowing your gaming budget on four times the bets. Remember to only ever bet what you can afford. Fun should be at the heart of your online casino gaming experience, after all.

A clever way to get all of the fun of running four games at once, without blowing the budget, is to simply divide your usual gaming budget by four. Enjoying the variety of the ‘double up’ feature needn’t mean spending more than usual on the online casino games at Jackpot247.

However, if you do have the budget and wish to take advantage of the extra chances to win, playing ‘multi-game’ means that you can run up to four max bets, for maximum possible returns, if you want to – the choice it yours!

Options and variety are important at Jackpot247, and the ‘double up’ feature just gives you even more ways to play. It’s a fantastic online casino game website for allowing the player to shape their own experience to fit their individual budget and preferences, and this brand new and exciting feature simply allows even more variety of play.

If variety is the spice of your life, head to Jackpot247.com for four times the fun, four times the excitement and four times the possible wins!

Created on 19/04/2013

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