When it comes to presenter-led televised and online roulette, the presenters are as important as the gameplay. If you enjoy chat and banter with your online roulette, Jackpot247’s flagship game Roulette as seen on ITV1 is a fantastic choice of online casino game.

Both televised and streamed live online, this is a convenient online casino game that you can watch how and when it suits you. Find Roulette as seen on ITV1 on ITV from Monday to Thursday from 00:30 to 03:00, and also on Freeview 39 every day from 22:00 to 03:00.

If you’d prefer to watch the live stream online, simply log on to the Jackpot247 website from 22:00, 365 days a year.

As Jackpot247’s flagship casino game, only the very best presenters will do for Roulette as seen on ITV1. Striking the perfect balance between personality and professionalism, it’s the presenter’s job to make your roulette experience as exciting, enjoyable and easy as possible.

If you find yourself curious while watching and playing Roulette as seen on ITV1 at home, you can check out the Jackpot247 presenter profiles right here. Feeling nosy? Find out everything there is to know – or at least the interesting stuff – about the best live roulette presenters in the business. You can even find out who can’t stop eating sweet chilli flavour crisps!

Craig Stevens has been presenting on TV since 2004. He also has his own local radio show on Town 102. His great loves include playing Rock Paper Scissors and eating sweet chilli crisps – although he says he doesn’t expect a kiss afterwards!

Emma Lee broke into presenting as the winner of a Channel 4 competition and started her career presenting on the Disney channel. She’s also presented on The Big Breakfast and the National Lottery Daily Play show. She loves fashion, which is why she always looks so great on the TV!

Yemi Sawyer is Jackpot247’s cheeky chappy and has presented for Sky, MTV and more. His favourite game is the Beach Life progressive jackpot game because of its huge jackpot.

Mel Peachey has over six years presenting experience thanks to her naturally energetic and humorous outlook. She has a beagle puppy and her favourite Jackpot247 game is Genie’s Hi Lo.

Vicky Letch has been presenting for five years, with a wealth of quiz shows under her best. She’s also a professional voice over artist, voicing shows like Britain’s Next Top Model for Living. Her lucky number is 27 and her favourite colour is red.

Kay Littleis a bubbly, fun presenter with a penchant for fashion and travel. She once fainted live on air! It was surely an interesting and dramatic show that night! Kay’s favourite crisp isn’t technically a crisp – it’s a pork scratching.

Adele Sica is a gym addict with tons of energy. She’s presented on MTV and ITV and has a cute chihauhua called Monty.

Ruth Frances is an experienced presenter who also leads a double life as a life coach! Into yoga, healthy eating and positive thinking, Ruth’s favourite Jackpot247 game is the Gladiator slot and her favourite number is the unlucky for some number 13!

When you tune in to Jackpot247’s presenter-led games you’re sure to strike lucky with a talented, fun, face of the show.

Created on 09/11/12

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