Liam Gallagher on Howard Stern

By Kevin Moran

It’s undoubtedly one of the greatest songs ever written, but many fans are still divided on which of the Gallagher brothers best sang Wonderwall.

Liam famously served as Oasis’ lead singer when the track was released in 1995, but Noel occasionally stepped in with acoustic solo performances.

Noel previously claimed he knew how to sing it best because he wrote the lyrics and fully understood its true meaning. However, Liam being Liam, was having none of it when asked to perform the song on the Howard Stern Show.

The 44-year-old joked that Noel sang it “like Dolly Parton” and went on to perform the iconic track as a signing lesson for his older brother.

He finished by saying “That’s how you do it, R’kid”.

The appearance on Stern’s show was part of Liam’s ongoing tour of America promoting his new solo album As You Were.

Noel is currently supporting U2 on the European leg of their worldwide Joshua Tree Tour and Wonderwall is included in his setlist, so there could well be a response.

When asked about an Oasis reunion, Liam remains hopeful despite their differences: “Without a doubt, that’s my band.

“We’ve got to become brothers first before we can talk about the music, once we start liking each other, inevitably the next step is to take the band around the block for a spin. I love Oasis, it’s the best thing ever.”

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