Who’s your favourite Marvel superhero? Everyone has one, whether it’s The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man or another comic book character with a super-cool costume and enviable superpowers. Whatever your favourite, Jackpot247.com has the perfect online slot machine game for you, with a wide range of Marvel slots to choose from, including:

Jackpot Slots

Jackpot casino slots add a whole new element of excitement to playing online casino slot machine games. In addition to the usual slot machine prizes, jackpot slots offer the chance to win an accumulator jackpot, which is contributed to by all the casinos offering that particular Marvel slot game.

Any player who fulfils the winning criteria, across the casinos, could win the jackpot, which is started off by seed money from the casinos and then built using a percentage of each bet placed. Accumulator jackpot pots can grow into amazingly high amounts, with wins in their hundreds of £1000’s a regular occurrence! Playing jackpot slots online is a fun way to get the chance to win big, on an easy, budget friendly, slot machine game.

The Incredible Hulk – Jackpot Slot

Marvel’s big green giant, the Hulk, is a no-nonsense character who you really don’t want to anger! Smash and crash your way through this 5 reel, 25 line jackpot slot for a chance to win an incredible jackpot. Also available in a 50 line slot for those that like to GO BIG, when playing.

The Fantastic Four – Jackpot Slot

Join The Thing, Mr Fantastic, the Invisible Woman and the Human Torch as you spin the reels to win on this 20 line slot – fantastic fun for fans of these comic book special agents.

X-Men – Jackpot Slot

Maybe the new Wolverine film, due to hit cinemas July 26, will inspire you to play the X-Men 25 line jackpot slot. You won’t need the brain power of Professor X – all Marvel slots are really simple to play.

Iron Man – Jackpot Slot

Everyone loves Tony Stark, so get inside the Iron Man suit with this action packed jackpot slot. All Marvel slots are authentic, with images and even clips from the movies, bringing your favourite characters to life in a casino game.

Casino Slots

Captain America – New!

Brand new to Jackpot247 is the Captain America slot machine game, featuring our young patriot, one of the least well known of the Marvel characters. While the Captain America movie of 2011 might not have proven as popular as the Iron Man series, hardcore Capt A fans can get their stars and stripes fix on this new game.

Thor – New!

Another new game on the block is the Thor slot, featuring our hammer wielding friend with the luscious blonde locks, and loads of chances to win great prizes, including fun bonus games.

Iron Man 2

Not content with offering an Iron Man slot, Jackpot247 also offers an Iron Man 2 slot and Iron Man 2 50 line slot – the choice of casino slots is yours. Perhaps you prefer to play on a higher line amounts to maximise your gameplay and potential winnings. Or maybe you like to keep things nice and simple with 20 or 25 line slots – you can choose which best suits your preference and your gaming budget at Jackpot247.

Marvel slots are well-established, good quality slot machine games, that offer brilliant movie theming for superhero fun – with some jackpot slot versions available. Whichever you choose, you’re sure to have a super time!

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