Online Blackjack

You might be a fan of live roulette and online slot games, but why not ring the changes with something a little different? Do you fancy trying your hand at something that requires a little more skill, compared with games of pure chance? Look no further than online blackjack!

The most widely played casino banking game in the world, blackjack requires nerves of steel, a touch of skill and a dash of luck in the effort to reach that magic number… 21. Are you up to the challenge?

Where to begin with Blackjack?

If you’re hankering for a card game, but you don’t know where to begin, take your first steps here. Blackjack is a comparing card game, sometimes using more than one deck of 52 cards, where the aim is for you to get closer to 21 with your hand than the dealer.

Combine a Face card (jack, queen, king) with an Ace and you have yourself a perfect hand. Sound simple enough? You don’t even have to venture to a casino to have a go – just take a look at the online blackjack on offer at Jackpot247.

With a few variations at Jackpot247, you can take your pick from the online blackjack games depending on your mood. Whatever the time of day, a game or two is waiting for you – including the opportunity to play live dealer blackjack, online or on the go.

Blackjack Rules

The rules are fairly easy to comprehend. The aim? To get closer to 21 than the dealer does, without going over. The perfect hand is, well, perfect, but if all else fails, just aim for as close as you can. A couple of added twists make things a little more interesting, including the options to ‘split’ and ‘double’.


During the first deal, if you are given two cards of the same value, you have the choice to split them. Place a second, equal bet, and you can draw two more cards to play on the separate hands. Do remember, with this rule, hands of 4, 5 or 10, can’t be split.


As for the ‘double’ rule, if you are dealt a 9, 10, or 11, you have the option to double your bet and draw a third card in an attempt to reach that magic 21.


One of the worst cases would be if you find the dealer holds an ace. What do you do then? A side bet is available to give you insurance, of course! Place half your original bet on the odds that he will hit Blackjack, so that you will at least win your original bet back. The only catch is, if the dealer fails to hit it, you will lose that side bet, regardless of whether your main hand is a winner.

Live blackjack is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day at Jackpot247. We also offer some of the best casino promotions to get you started with some bonus money.

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