Doesn’t everyone love a bit of retro, once in a while? We have already seen a massive comeback of retro games consoles and arcade games in recent years and the fun doesn’t stop there! There’s nothing quite like a nostalgic look at yesteryear and, at, there’s a whole host of retro-inspired games that will have you back reliving old favourites in no time!

Whether you want to be transported back to the 80s with the help of the Hungarian Rubik’s Cube, or you want to feel like you’re in the playground battling it out with a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors, retro games are super fun!

Let’s take a look at some of the retro tributes that you can get yourself stuck into!

Rubik’s Riches

With the essence of a slots game but with a puzzletastic twist, Rubik’s Riches asks you to spin the cube rather than the reels to win the big bucks! The aim is to make as many lines on as many faces of the cube made up of the same colour as possible – the more lines, the better the payout!

There’s also the chance to win extra cubes, freeplays and bonus rounds, giving you as much chance as possible to win the pot. Plus, with minimum bets of 20p, you don’t have to go wild and blow the budget to have a little bit of retro fun.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Any Friends fan will have seen the episode where Joey tries to trump rock, paper and scissors with fire only to find Phoebe does one better with a water balloon, but you don’t have to worry about any of that in this great arcade game!

Whether you remember the game from the playground or you still play it now to decide who’s doing the washing up, the online game has the same fundamental ideas with a little more pizazz.

Simply increase or decrease your bid using the buttons, make your choice of rock, paper or scissors and, hopefully, you’ll beat the computer’s selection. Simple, great fun and with the option to win great payouts, Rock, Paper, Scissors is as much fun online as it was in the schoolyard!

Spin a Win

You remember the Wheel of Fortune, right? Don’t worry, you don’t have to solve any word games with this rendition of the spin wheel; instead providing an introduction to a traditional roulette wheel with a twist. Simple to play, Spin a Win can result in some fantastic returns if you bet carefully.

Simply place your bets on where the wheel might stop, spin it and see what happens! You can choose from colours, ranges and single numbers, with single numbers paying out more if your number comes up.

A gadget sidebar is also available which can give you the option to play some fun mini-games, too.

Whether it’s retro casino games that take your fancy or you just want a flutter on the online slots, has something for everyone!

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