Maybe you love to play live roulette games online, but have you ever stopped to really think about your betting strategy in detail? Some players will select their predicted outcomes on a ‘whim’ or a ‘feeling’ – letting elusive Lady Luck be the deciding factor. However, others enjoy employing a more carefully thought out strategy to try to increase their chances of a win.

While the roulette odds are fixed with online roulette and casino roulette, and can’t be altered, there are ways to manipulate bets in order to minimise losses. Playing to a strategy can make the game of roulette more fun and mentally challenging. Here are some examples of known roulette strategies that you are free to try out:

Red and Black

Most people associate the phrase Red or Black with roulette, but the strategy of Red and Black is a popular one. It’s a super simple strategy that even a beginner could try, and there’s no need for a big betting pot to follow it.

All you need to do is continue to bet on your chosen colour until you lose twice in a row. You then need to continue to add the initial amount to the bet until you either win twice in a row or lose twice in a row. A win would mean decreasing the bet to the original stake amount. A double loss means again adding the initial bet to your existing stake and continuing on until you get a win. You can bet with any base amount, depending on your budget. A bet of £1 would progress like £1, £2, £3, whereas a bet of £5 would progress £5, £10, £15.

The theory behind this game is the same as the Martingale Roulette Theory, in that, by sticking to the same bets, you will eventually win your money back at least (unless you run out of money on a losing streak!). However, where the Martingale Theory requires you to consistently double your bet, leading to potential high stakes, Red and Black is a more budget friendly strategy to try.

Dozens Betting

There are two different types of dozen’s betting – single dozen and double dozen. Both employ the same tactic as the red and black system, whereby increasing your bet in increments to the maximum will eventually win your bet back (at least).

The hope with this type of strategy betting system is that the player can’t lose. However, it’s also possible that you won’t win very much either – merely breaking even. Of course, the flaw comes when the player either runs out of money or hits the table’s maximum bet, potentially losing everything.

Other popular strategies to look up include betting on just red outcomes, and the Dozens and Columns Roulette strategy. Many find the mathematics behind these strategies fascinating, and it’s an interesting subject for any roulette or casino game fan.

While using a strategy can be fun and exciting, the danger is that a player is encouraged to bet more than their budget ‘chasing a win.’ Surely it’s far better to enjoy your games of roulette, whether playing online casino games or in an actual casino, as the game was intending – without worrying about systems, tactics or losing more than you can afford. If you want to increase your betting pot, take a look at the online casino game bonuses and promotions available at Jackpot247, for a no risk, no stress way to add to your roulette budget.

Created on 08/03/2013

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