If the new marriage tax break has tempted you to tie the knot sooner than you may have been planning, you don’t have to worry about having to save a fortune to afford a UK-based wedding. The average UK wedding now costs a staggering £18,000 and, while this will inevitably provide a day to remember, do we really need to spend this much to officially declare our love for eachother? Of course, it depends on what you want your day to be about but if you’re more concerned with what you and your other half wants, rather than worrying about what your guests will think, perhaps a wedding in Vegas is the way to do it.

The humble Vegas marriage has long been a popular option for people wanting something intimate and off-the-cuff. Shotgun weddings are incredibly sought after in the city, while it also places you in a perfect spot for a honeymoon to remember. If you’ve been thinking about heading to Vegas for your wedding day, what’s stopping you? The marriage tax break is just the icing on the wedding cake!

For reference, here are a few pointers about the recent tax break news, should you be considering this as an advantage to get married sooner rather than later:

• The tax break will include a £1000 marriage tax allowance
• The allowance will be introduced in April 2015
• It won’t be available to higher rate taxpayers, so if one of you earns over £42,285 during the 2015/16 tax year, you won’t be eligible for the break.
• It will affect an estimated 4million couples across the country.

While the news will undoubtedly infuriate some, for others, it could mean great news in terms of money saved. In fact, the scheme could be worth up to £200 a year to couples – that’s big bucks if you think about it!
The Vegas wedding has long been a popular choice for lovebirds. Not only is the option considerably cheaper than the average UK wedding but it also injects a bit of adventure into the whole occasion. Flying over to the USA for your big day may not be for everyone, but if you’ve always dreamt of visiting Sin City, why not incorporate your special day into the visit?

And don’t worry, it’s perfectly legal. You won’t have to get married again when you are back home – as long as you have the right documentation, everything will be perfect. All you have to do is complete a marriage license application and provide your passport and birth certificate to prove that you are who you say you are.

Vegas has gained notoriety over the years for being one of the easiest cities to get married in – it’s no wonder more and more people are jetting off to tie the knot there; and that’s without mentioning Elvis being able to wed you, stunning photos in front of the Bellagio fountains and a Britney concert as the reception!

Tempted? It’s time to start planning it! When you’re waiting for the marriage tax break to take hold, build up the excitement and catch the Vegas buzz with a flutter on the Jackpot247 site! Who knows, if you win, that could be your air fare, the dress or the Elvis officiate sorted!

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