Every live roulette game on Jackpot247 uses an autowheel – with no spinners required. However, this doesn’t make the gameplay any less casino-authentic. All live roulette outcomes are completely random, as in a real life casino, with no results ever being computer generated in advance. Those behind the scenes at Jackpot247 are just as oblivious as gamers when it comes to knowing with any certainty where the ball will land next.
This is the way that roulette games at online casinos should be. Maximum excitement and authenticity means a premium casino gaming experience. Learn more about the autowheel for a look at how Live Roulette works:

The World’s Finest Roulette Wheel

The patented Cammegh automatic roulette wheel is widely considered to be the best in the business. Of course it so follows that this is the one and only auto-wheel used on Jackpot247 live roulette games. Approved by the Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) this wheel is the most authentic, accurate and reliable auto-wheel in the world. Its elegant look means that it looks at home in any casino, and its clever design means fair gaming all round.

With the ball speed and the rotor speed being completely random, this is a wheel that turns differently on each spin, adding to the excitement of the game. From the moment the ball is launched out of the pocket by a puff of air, it’s in sight of the players at all times, reassuring those involved in the game of the wheel’s integrity.

This is not a wheel that needs to rely on tricks or computers. This is the daddy of all casino wheels, designed for authenticity, reliability and ease of play.

Now that you’re satisfied that the live roulette wheel at Jackpot247 is as authentic as any you’ll find elsewhere in the world, the difficult decision is now to choose which live roulette game to try first. Roulette as seen on ITV is the Jackpot247 flagship game, with a great team of friendly presenters leading the action and encouraging interactivity – something that you can sometimes feel is missing from online casino games.

For those who want to skip the presenter chat and get straight into continuous spins instead, Roulette Express is the fast paced, no nonsense live roulette game to choose. Or, double up on the roulette fun with Double Up Roulette. Double the wheel, double the spins, double the fun – all using the same premium grade auto roulette wheel.

Whichever live roulette game you decide suits you the best, you’ll be treated to a welcome bonus of up to £200 at Jackpot247. Your first deposit will be matched £ for £, giving you double the cash to play with. There are so many fantastic features to enjoy when playing online casino games at Jackpot247, but it’s important to get the basics right. Choosing the right roulette wheel is essential for exciting, fair and trustworthy online casino gaming.

Created on 05/04/2013

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