We’ve all been there. When you’re bored, clicking on Netflix seems like the most logical way to a quick fix. But then you’re suddenly 25 episodes into a four series American sci fi drama, and you have no idea how you got there. Here is our breakdown on the stages of watching Netflix.

(Via techly.com)

(Via techly.com)

Deciding What To Watch
Physical DVDs and box sets made life pretty easy. If you had one, then you knew what you were going to watch that day. Plain and simple. If you didn’t have one, then you could probably head to Blockbuster and see if they had what you wanted in the shop (Rest in Peace, you wonderful place). With Netflix, though, you’re faced with a wall of endless scrolling film titles and genre suggestions, and it can often take longer to decide what to watch than it does to watch the actual show itself.

Watching Passively
You click play and crack out that ironing pile you’ve been meaning to conquer for the last three weeks, or maybe it’s some background noise just to keep you company when you’re cooking. Either way, you might not pay much attention, but you realise you actually kind of enjoy the show.
Somewhere in between the second and third episodes, you find yourself abandoning the food and sitting down on your sofa because one particular sub-plot has really caught your eye.

When ‘Play Next Episode?’ becomes an inevitability
Between the fourth and fifth episode, you’ve resigned yourself to staying glued to your computer, and laugh when your browser asks you ‘play next episode?’

(Via Avclub.com)

(Via Avclub.com)

The Binge Stage
It becomes less of a relaxation method and more of a mission to conquer when you reach the end of the first series, and click straight onto the second one. This could happen over a number of weeks or days, but the commitment is what counts. At this stage, you’ve probably found yourself bringing the show up in every day conversation, hoping that someone is in the same boat as you. You’ve also probably stayed up way past 3am because you want to find out who the next character will be to die in Game of Thrones, and turned up to work the next day with an emotional hangover.

The Reasoning and bargaining stages
If you find yourself saying ‘I don’t really need that shower in the morning, do I? I can watch one more episode’ then you’re probably too far into the cycle to get out, and all you can do is ride it out. This stage also involves rewarding any minor task completed, such as washing the dishes or tidying your living room, with watching another episode.

Finishing the Show
I once got through 9 seasons of The Office US in a month when in university, which became simultaneously one of the highest and lowest points of my life. Fewer things will compare to the empty feeling of realising there are no more episodes left to click on, and the story does truly end there. You’ll spend anywhere from a few minutes to a few days feeling like you’re in mourning.

…and doing it all over again

‘Oh, what was that? They’ve uploaded the new series of American Horror Story? Maybe I’ll finally give it a go…’

Author: Jessica Tansley

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