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If you’re a roulette lover, we’re positive that by now you’ve caught wind of the European Championship of Roulette 2018 coming up in Malta at the beginning of April. And if you’ve made up your mind to hop on the bandwagon and join us, we’re sure you’re busy planning your time away from the casino tables. That’s why we’ve listed the top five things to do in Malta you may want to pencil in into your itinerary.

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1. Sail the Mediterranean Sea

If you’re already dreaming about sailing the azure waters under the sunshine, you’re in luck. April is when the sailing season opens in Malta. If you’re a seasoned seafarer you can rent your own boat or yacht, and drift through the Mediterranean Sea until you touch down at some of the most attractive bays, caves, and secluded beaches in Malta, Gozo, and Comino. Popular bays include Dwejra Bay and Paradise Bay.

Malta sailing

Image via Regina Sailing

If you want a different perspective on Maltese history, you can cruise around the capital city – Valletta. And when it’s time to eat, you may want to sail down to Malta’s famous fishing village – Marsaxlokk – for some tasty seafood dishes while enjoying the quiet life. Alternatively, if you just want to kick back and enjoy the ride, you can join a cruise, with several destinations available such as the stunning Comino’s Blue Lagoon.

2. Stretch Your Legs in The Wild Side

If you’re the type who prefers their feet well planted on the ground rather than on an undulating boat deck, then hiking around Malta is something you’ll want to try out. There are about 250 km of coastline for you to explore and you can mix it up with stops at some of the more traditional villages while savouring the local flavours.

The most hiker-friendly trails stretch all the way from Dingli in the South West up to Ċirkewwa in the North West. And if you want to step it up a notch and trod the more rugged path, then you can trek through the quieter Gozo.

3. Bask in The Historical Heritage of Mdina

Our third recommendation will take you to the former capital city of Mdina. Also, known as “The Silent City”, this honey-coloured historical gem is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sitting atop a hill with fortified ramparts, this now peaceful has a few stories to tell about hundreds of years of epic battles.

Mdina, Malta

Mdina’s winding, narrow paths will lead you through to gorgeous houses of character and courtyards, churches and museums, and its limits that offer you a breathtaking view of rolling hills and stretching fields that characterise Maltese countryside. There’s no lack of stylish cafes and restaurants, some of which are hidden in plain sight in its twisting alleys.

4. Treat Your Palate with Fine Wine

Let’s say you’re one of those connoisseurs who wants to savour the best local wines in somewhat of a romantic atmosphere for extra flavour. In that case, a Wine Cellar Tour is in order.

With the weather outside warming up in April, the cellars will be a comfy temperature for visiting. And here, you’ll get to take a stroll and see some of the oldest and finest, while being guided by an expert. And there’s no doubt you’ll have plenty of chance for wine-tasting here.

5. A Night Out at The European Capital City of Culture

And we’ve left the best for the last, that is, a trip around the Valletta – Malta’s capital city. Recently inaugurated as the European Capital City of Culture of 2018, this one takes things in quite a different direction from Mdina, and we strongly suggest you visit by night. The lights in the streets will guide you through a blend of historical buildings and sites dating back to the time of the Knights’ occupation, as well as restaurants, cocktail and wine bars, all expressing different character and a culinary artistic touch. Watch out for the open-air and indoor cultural events taking place all over the city during this year.

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