After weeks of auditions, arenas and houses X Factor finally reached the much anticipated live shows! And as is custom for first shows, there were surprises and disappointments by the bucket-load. Prepare yourself for the 80’s challenge this week by reading through some of the live show highlights. Don’t worry, we won’t go all Simon Cowell or Mel B on any of the finalists.


Blonde Electra

Let’s face it, we all knew they’d be one of the first to go. Not that we don’t love their quirkiness – glitter goes a long way – but X Factor is a singing contest and these ladies didn’t come close to any of the amazing voices currently dominating the competition. So even though we enjoyed jiggling on the sofa to their version of ‘Kids in America’, a hotdog without a sausage simply doesn’t sell.

Overload Generation

Bit of a surprise these fresh-faced lads didn’t get past the first live show. They’re not the strongest group on X Factor this year but we expected their boyish charm to woo Britain’s girls enough to keep them going for a few weeks. On the other hand, it’s encouraging to see a girl trump a bundle of boys on TV as that doesn’t happen every day. Go Stephanie!

Fleur East

Looking back at the auditions, she didn’t make the most memorable impression. Fleur seemed to stumble through the competition in the background and we mostly remembered her as the girl who likes to show off her fabulous abs. But boy, did she deliver last Saturday night!

The X Factor’s creative director Brian Friedman told her she’d have to work twice as hard to get noticed by the public and based on her performance, we’d say she put in triple the effort. Fleur East has become a ‘voice to be reckoned with’ and if she keeps it up, she could soar all the way to the final. It’s all about that bass!

Jack Walton

Another face that didn’t really linger in our minds throughout this year’s X Factor. Plenty of audition favourites didn’t make the cut, so not pushing himself into the spotlight from the start may have actually worked in Jack’s favour. He’s been doing well so far, giving solid performances that could keep him around for a while. Covering Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl In The World’ during the first live show was a good move, turning it into a slightly smouldering love song. This might be where Overload Generation lost a lot of their fans.

Andrea Faustini

We could not cover the first X Factor 2014 live show without mentioning this lovable Italian. First known as the guy with the huge voice who has a thing for pugs, he’s now billed as one of the favourites to win. Andrea took a risk last Saturday, covering Michael Jackson’s ‘Earth Song’ but judging by the goose bumps on our goose bumps, it more than paid off. Britain has fallen in love and it’s an affair that could last a very long time indeed. The biggest disappointment was of course that there wasn’t a pug in sight. We need to have a word with his stylist.

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