How many times have you found yourself holding your mobile phone, arm stretched above your head, in the corner of your kitchen to try and grab a bit of signal so that you can log in to the internet on your mobile? Whether you need to check your emails, snoop on Facebook or grab a quick five minutes for a cheeky flutter on the online casino games at, a useless network reception can be the bane of your life. This is where Barry can help.notspot247

The Jackpot247 #NotSpot247 campaign is hoping to out all of the country’s worst ‘notspots’. Wherever you are in Britain, if you have to suffer bad 3G coverage and can’t enjoy a quick spin of the roulette wheel, or a hand of blackjack, Barry wants to know about it.

The Jackpot247 Facebook page is full of people across the land moaning about their 3G coverage – students in their university digs, guys in the office and homes and pubs up and down the country suffer from rubbish signal and this has got to stop! How are people supposed to get their fix of their favourite online pastime if the networks don’t allow connection?

Barry knows that people love Jackpot247 because of its 24/7 nature; the chance of winning huge sums of money, no matter what the time of day, is bound to be an attractive concept after all! No wonder he, and the rest of Jackpot247, are fed up because people are stuck, bang in the middle of notspots, unable to log on to spin the reels or play on the online slots.

The #NotSpot247 mission is to reveal these parts of the country and out them for how poor a signal they have to endure. After all, everyone should have the chance of a cheeky flutter when they fancy it – they shouldn’t have to contort themselves into weird and wonderful positions just to see one bar of signal light up on their phones!

Do you have to put up with living in a notspot? The Jackpot247 Facebook page wants to hear about it! Just head over to the Facebook page – when you’re not in a notspot, obviously – and grass up your village, office or local field for its lack of 3G.

There’s something in it for you too! We all love a good competition, and over on the Jackpot247 website, there’s a fab competition to enter.

You can win a Samsung 42” 3D TV and two pairs of 3D glasses Samsung 3D TV(because let’s face it, without them, the 3D aspect of the TV would be useless!) if you can name the England player in the picture – it shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you’re a loyal footie fan. Just imagine watching the World Cup on your new big screen if you were to win the prize and maybe that will encourage you to enter. The runner-up prize is pretty cool too – a Beats Pill speaker and a 16Gb iPod Touch – a perfect way to listen to your favourite tunes when out and about, regardless of whether you’re in a notspot, or not!

Head over to, and the Facebook page, and get involved with the #notspot campaign. Help to out all the poor 3G areas across Britain – we need you!

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